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A Modern Flâneur in... Buenos Aires

Take a one-minute stroll with us in the Paris of the South...

It occurs to your peripatetic editor that, from one flâneur to another, an unhurried stroll around the streets of the world’s great cities might be worth sharing from time to time. Perhaps this is the place to do that.

Think of it as a minute out from your busy day… a moment to breath, to wander some far away city scene. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the places yourself…

Herewith, please enjoy a minute on the corner of Cerviño and República Árabe Siria, here in Buenos Aires, setting of our recently published Voulez-Bar Vignette, in which we recall the immortal words of Argentina’s greatest poet, Jorge Luis Borges.

Over the coming months, we’re going to be on the road with dear wife and daughter, traveling to some of the greatest cities of the Old World as part of our Classical Wisdom Kids project… from Athens to Rome, Antalya to Amman, Jerusalem to the islands of the Aegean…

We’ll post scenes from these and more locales along the way. If you find them interesting, feel free to share and leave your comments below.

Until our next stroll…

Joel Bowman
Flâneur the World

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The Modern Flâneur
One minute strolls around the world's greatest sites, cities and scenes...
Joel Bowman