A Modern Flâneur in... the Dead Sea

[VIDEO] A few miles south of the West Bank


Nothing lives here. No fish. No birds. No wildlife at all. Any wonder… the environment is utterly extreme in every way. At 1,412ft (430m) below sea level, the shores of the Dead Sea mark the lowest land-based elevation on Earth. The temperature outside was well over 100F (~40C) and the salinity of the water is an incredible 37%, making it about 10x saltier than the ocean. Wading into the water, you feel the density of the liquid. Then you lean back, as if in a pool of jello, and… float. The sensation is as alien as it looks.

The fact that such a barren, lifeless body of water is cradled between some of the most contentious real estate on the planet only adds to the eery, otherworldly feeling.

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Joel Bowman
The Modern Flâneur

P.S. Apologies for the bare legs. For a comprehensive guide to rules for unsheathing adult male gastrocnemii, please see our travel guide here:

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