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A Modern Flâneur in... Tivoli, Italy

[VIDEO] Take a moment to stroll the Piazza Plebiscito...

Writes a dear reader, Irene…

“Thank you for bringing us along with you on your trip. I have been to Italy 3X and don't know how I missed Tivoli.”

Advises another, Robert…

“Just would like to make you aware (someone else I’m sure already has) someone is moving the camera much to fast. Slow way down so the video image is legible. Thanks.”

And here’s reader Latigodad…

“One suggestion if I might. Whenever you are filming, turn the camera horizontal to use the entire imaging chip. This will allow for a much fuller image, as well a more comfortable viewing experience.”

To which we reply, in order…

“You are welcome!” “Good suggestion!” and “Even an aspiring novelist should be able to manage that!”


Joel Bowman
Tivoli, Italy ~ June, 2023

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