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A Modern Flâneur in...Spot X


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“Writers, huh?” the German couple looked at us slightly askance. “Well, just don’t tell your readers about this place.”

Then the next day, over lunch, a young French family chimed in. “As long as you don’t give up our little secret…” they gave a coy, almost guilty smile.

“You could just call it ‘Spot X,’” suggested a Macedonian expat, draining his ouzo in one a few days later, “you know, if you absolutely must…”

We got the real story from a local woman, a real “Spot Xer,” a few days later. “When I grew up here, there were a only few dozen thatched huts lining the beach. We used to spend summers splashing around in the the crystal blue waters, catching fish for dinner and playing in the caves. I had my first kiss right there, under the little chapel on the hill. That was before I moved to America, as we all did back then….

“Years later, when we all came back, after our careers were over and our own families were all grown up, we returned to find our little cove populated by people from all over. Germans… Swiss… English…

“Now, they want to be the last people to move in… and to close the door behind them. It’s always the way. We come here during the summer, to rent our rooms and manage our tavernas. It’s when we make our money. Then, when everyone goes home, back to Europe and to America, then we have the island to ourselves again. That’s when [Spot X] is just for us…”



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