Following Liszt...through the Villa d'Este

Tracing the maestro's footsteps in Tivoli, Italy...


Joel Bowman, re-posting a quick video from yesterday…

Some of your fellow flâneurs wrote in yesterday to say they were unable to play video from inside the Villa d’Este, here in Tivioli, Italy. Not sure why that happened…but you should be able to see it now (above).

If you recall, we were following the great Franz Liszt’s footsteps, who resided in the Villa on and off for twenty years, between 1864–1885, the year before his death.

The maestro composed many pieces in these magnificent settings, including Aux Cyprès de la Villa d’Este, Les jeux d’eau à la Villa d’Este, his Variations on a Theme of Bach and the two Légendes.

You can read the full column here:

The Virtuoso in the Villa

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