Excellent work, a delight to read.

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Absolutely splendid depiction of the source of Liszt’s 🎶 inspiration!

Imagine, if there were a composition that Liszt and Paganini could have played together, how virtuosic and poetic that would have been…

Merci beaucoup for this uplift from today’s uninspiring economic realities!


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May 20Liked by Joel Bowman

The combination of the beauty of magnificence of composition given due reverence by the performing artiste, with pictorial splendor to be able to view what was his inspiration to devote to his craft, is exceptional. Your words so clearly show the majesty and exhilaration you experienced.

Wonderful to be digitally walking with you - those footsteps could well have been my RM Williams !

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May 19Liked by Joel Bowman

Virtuoso. Graci’

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