[ flah-nœr ] noun, plural flâ·neurs [flah-nœr]. French.

  • a person who lounges or strolls around in a seemingly aimless way; an idler or loafer: the flâneur, that cool, aloof observer of urban society.

Welcome to the Modern Flâneur, the antithesis of the harried newshound

If you’re like most people, you spend an inordinate amount of time consuming – and being consumed by – the daily news cycle. It’s hard to ignore, to be sure. Divisive politics… public spectacles… and the general and vexing mania that is the passing parade.

It’s what the Roman poet, Juvenal, referred to as “panem et circenses” (bread and circuses).

We know this space well… indeed, having covered politics and economics for the better part of two decades, we might even say it’s something of an occupational hazard. (If you would like to follow our political writings, please do so over at BonnerPrivateResearch.Substack.Com)

But this, dear reader… this is not that. This is… a break from that. A private space to drive out the public noise. A moment to relax… to appreciate truth and beauty… an antidote to the confusion and tumult of post-post modern life.

In this space, every Wednesday(ish), we invite you to take an unhurried stroll with The Modern Flânuer as we meditate on literature, art, music, travel, food and philosophy, those civilizing agents that represent man at his very best.

We’re looking for inspiration… in books… on canvas… in museums… and up and down the timeless boulevards of the world’s greatest cities.

From our post here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we’ll bring you photos, poetry, essays, quotations and scenes from the city’s endless array of cafés, bistros and plazas. So too while we’re on the road, “flâneuring the world,” one idea at a time. Join us, here…

P.S. When not penning polemics against our would-be political overlords, your humble correspondent is usually to be found at his desk or in a café, pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a failed novelist.

So far, so good!

Following on from our 2022 debut novel, Morris Alive, we recently released our second work of literary fiction, Night Drew Her Sable Cloak. Check it out, here…

Or, read more about our debut novel, Morris, Alive here.

Leave it to the contrarians to heap praise upon our forgotten book…

"Full of witty dialogue, sound philosophical meditations and memorable scenes. Joel's prose style, characters and plot development simply belong to a more graceful era."
~ Doug Casey, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Aussie Borges meets a classically-read Kerouac!"
~Will Bonner, Author of Family Fortunes

"[Morris] is a young romantic barroom philosopher, who has plenty to say about the importance of the Idea of America. An impressive debut, Morris, Alive is certainly worth your reading."
~ Addison Wiggin, New York Times Bestselling Author

NOTE: Paying members can download BOTH of our novels in ePUB of PDF format in the Members Only section of our Substack page. If you’d like to become a member, you can join and begin reading our books now…

In addition to sourcing inspiration from others’ pens, we’ll also keep you up to date on our own works and days. On that front, a third novel (working title: Cyclone Charlie) is currently in production, flowing effortlessly from our cranium, without let, hindrance or hesitation, as if inspired by the muses themselves…

We jest, of course. Some days it comes easily… other times it’s a struggle to summon a single clause worthy of independence. But everyday is a journey. As Pliny the Elder said (sometime before he inhaled the cinder, pumice and noxious gases from the erupting Mt. Versuvius): nulla dies sine linea (not a day without a line).

See you next Wednesday…

Joel Bowman
The Modern Flâneur

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Wandering the world, one idea at a time. Weekly musings on literature, philosophy and travel from the world's greatest cities. A hopeful, private antidote to cascading public folly.


Joel Bowman 

Writer, voluntaryist, husband, father, peripatetic, away schooler. Author of the novels: Night Drew Her Sable Cloak: https://tinyurl.com/34btd764 Morris, Alive: https://tinyurl.com/3weu2s7a